Scents that delight!

Air care and Home fragrance covers a wide variety of products, designed to diffuse scent to ‘perfume’ a home or workspace or to perform the task of controlling mal-odors.

We carry a comprehensive portfolio of forms, ranging from small space task fresheners to larger space diffusers. Passive or powered, we can help you find the right form for your specific needs.

Home and Living Fragrance

Car Air Fresheners

Small Space Task
Air Fresheners

Small Space Decorative Air Fresheners

Classic Reed Diffuser and Shola Flower Diffusers

Scent Sticks, Solid Scented Fragrances

Outlet Plug In Diffusers

Aroma Mist Diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Wax Warmers

Aerosol Diffusers

Smart Home
Fragrance Devices

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers – Portable [Rechargeable Battery]

Air Purifiers – Tabletop [Corded]

Air Purifiers – Car

Finishes that delight

Our Extensive Color, Material and Finishes Lab produces thousands of variables every year. Our challenge is often to create a finish that doesn’t resemble plastic, creating dynamic surface treatments that represent metallics and patinas, to wood grains and fur.

Injected materials that look like stone, leather appliques, spray glitter to water decals, white washed, iridescence, pad print and mask and spray techniques – we can do it all!

Fragrances that delight

Our olfactive library contains fragrances that cover the spectrum of the olfactive map, creating a collection that gives a range to pick from to create your unique collection.


– Signature Collection
– Aromatherapy Collection, with essential oils for wellbeing

Custom Scent Development


Our designers and chemists will help you create

a custom scent that is unique for your market!


We can start with a fragrance format that suits your scenting needs, and with our team of chemical engineers, and with partners at the leading international fragrance houses, we can create all formulas in house to optimize the strength, performance and length of life.

Aerosol Cans

Home Fragrance Oil

Solid Gel

Liquid Gel

Dripless Scented Material

Frangance Membranes